Charge Unplug Alert For Android

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We are waiting to help you who want to avoid the losses caused by removing the cable even after the mobile charge is complete.

For this matter we welcome you to choose our website and come to this article and give your mobile a chance to live longer.

In this website article you will want to see the Charge Unplug Alert app from the Play store website. This app will automatically start beeping once your mobile battery reaches 100% charge, which will prompt you to unplug the mobile charging cable.

This great application is available here for you, and not only that, but also includes some information taken from the Play Store.

It is important to note that we have collected all the information photos below from the Play Store as we are committed to providing you with complete information so that you can know the detailed figures as well.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleMobile Charge Unplug Alert
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size2.10MB
Offered Bylagunclick pro
App PolicyPrivacy
Why Use ThisRequired

Charge your phone in common areas such as camping, and lodging, … without worrying that you stole it.
It activates the alarm and if somebody unplugs the mobile, it will start to make a very loud noise although it is in silent mode, will block the screen and will vibrate.

New: Motion sensor. An alarm sounds, if someone moves, lifts, or picks up, the mobile during charging. Sound notification of battery charge completed.

This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission.

  • The app needs to use the BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission to lock the screen.
  • It’s an option of the app. The app is designed to prevent theft of the phone
  • when charging in common areas
  • When unplugging the phone, my app locks the screen.
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How does the application work?

Every time your mobile reaches 100% charge you will hear an Unplug Alert to alert you.

As soon as you hear the Unplug Alert, you can unplug the charging cable from the phone, thus increasing the life of your battery.

How to install?

The option to install is given below, clicking on it will take you to the play store.

From there you can directly download and use this application on your phone, you will get regular updates and good advice, it is important to note that because Play store is Google’s website.

Charge Unplug Alert For Android
Setup File PasswordDuplicate Photos
Restore Image1TB Free Cloud

A few words from me

We spend a lot of money on mobile phones, but we fail to pay attention to their security.

In that regard we have designed it with a noble intention that this web article application may help you to increase your mobile security, extend its life span, work efficiency and keep it always in good shape.

Thank you very much for spending your precious time on our website and reading this unplug alert article for so long.

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