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Details Of Media Chronometer Lock App

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleVault App
App Size16MB
Nowadays Installs1K+
PublishedJun 5, 2020

Secret Photo Video Locker (Timer Lock) is the best privacy protection app to keep safe & easily hide your private photos, videos & any other files that you do not want others to see on your device.

You can easily manage the folders or albums of the gallery & view, move & export pictures by using this Secret Gallery Lock.

Chronometer Lock opens only by the secret time that is set by you otherwise it functions as Chronometer. This way no one knows your mobile had installed gallery lock and you can secretly hide pictures to keep safe from others with this Smart Chronometer.

Chronometer Lock is completely invisible, hidden in the design of the Chronometer which opens only by secret time that is set by you.

It is a Secret gallery lock and app lock to keep safe and hide pictures, videos, and documents behind a fully functional Chronometer.

Secret Media Clock Lock App Download IND shorts

Extra Details Of Secret Media Chronometer

Offered ByPhoto Tools Maker
Official Website
Application Policy
AddressLondon, UK.

Key Features:

  • Hide private photos and videos under the Timer Lock.
  • Keep safe, simple and photo Lock hide pictures.
  • Protects Time Lock from being uninstalled by kids or strangers.
  • Easy file management systems like Edit, Move, Rename, Create Folders, etc.
  • Share to Vault from your gallery to instantly hide multiple photos and videos.
  • Super Inbuilt Video player to watch videos inside video Vault.
  • Timer lock has a beautiful, smooth, and elegant user experience.
  • Lock your Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email, or any other apps you choose.
  • Lock Apps by App Lock feature available by both Password Lock and Pattern Lock.
  • Smooth and elegant user experience.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your Lock password, then please feel free to contact us on our developer email we will instruct you how you can recover your password. Or you can recover your password from the security question answer.

Are my hidden files stored online?

No. Your files are stored only on your device, so please make sure to back up all your hidden files before transferring them to a new device or factory reset.

Can I recover my files after uninstalling this app?

No, you cannot recover files so please export all files before uninstalling the app to avoid file missing.

Once uninstall the app, you cannot recover files locked inside the Lock. We do not provide cloud storage for now. You would set an email for your password recovery only in case you forgot.

If you uninstall this app before restoring your files, then try to restore data with the reinstall application might be working on the device but not 100% sure.

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before restoring your files otherwise it will be lost forever.

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