White Mic Voice Lock: Speak to Unlock

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We lock the mobile with many methods to lock it securely. However, this article provides a Voice Lock feature that can make it listen to your speech.

That means your mobile will lock after hearing your voice and your mobile will unlock automatically after hearing your voice. One of the best practices is that the lock screen on your phone can be controlled by your voice.

That’s why we turned to the Google Play Store when we set out to choose a Voice Lock option that can help with this.

From there we select and present you this Android Voice Lock application which has gained a good name from everyone.

It can control your phone with your voice so you can enjoy a different lock mechanism. We are proud to provide you with the information related to this Voice Lock application and at the same time we welcome you to continue traveling through the article.

App WorkVoice Lock
OfferedSM Infotech
PublishedGoogle Play

How does voice lock application work?

This means that once this application is installed, you can lock your phone with your voice.

It is important to note that when you say a specific word or name, your mobile will automatically lock and then your mobile screen will be unlocked when you say the word that can be unlocked.

Note: It is also important to note that a pin lock mechanism is also available to help you to reset this lock at some point.

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White Mic Voice Lock Speak to Unlock

Nowadays we have started storing large amount of information on mobile and it is important to keep that information very secure.

When you want to protect your phone from people who want to take it without your permission, you need to handle some unique lock methods.

While the lock mechanism that handles such should be a reliable mechanism, we know that an application that can provide such a mechanism should be downloaded from the best website.

That’s why we have selected it from Google Play Store and present it to you. If you want to download it directly, i.e., if you trust play store like us then you can click on it and install it directly.

Important: By clicking on the green button available while navigating the website you will have the opportunity to know more details.

Yes, a special section has been created for that, where there are comments from the creator of this White Mic Voice Lock application, after viewing it you can go to the play store and download it, both are designed for you.

Let’s talk about voice lock application!

There are many reasons why this article was created, but the best foundation for all of them is the Google Play Store.

Just by hearing the name of Google Play Store, mobile users fearlessly download applications, because Play Store publishes applications in the interest of users.

Also, it voluntarily removes the offending applications, taking such a decision only in the interest of the users. That’s why we also always publish articles following Google’s guidelines and select only Play Store applications in that article.

To you: You can share your feedback and research with us and we will give you the best response and post more information you need on our website.

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