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Are you tired of struggling with your phone’s low volume? Do you wish you could enhance the sound of your headphones to immerse yourself in your favorite music or games?

Look no further – the EZ Booster, the Volume Booster, and the Sound Booster are here to revolutionize your audio experience!

Play Store Volume Booster App

App WorkVolume Booster
Offered360 Tool
Nowadays Downloads10M+ (168K reviews)
PublishedPlay Store
Released onFeb 6, 2023
Size29 MB only

Unleash the Power of EZ Booster

EZ Booster is a simple yet powerful extra sound amplifier designed for all Android devices. With the ability to increase volume by up to 200%, surpassing your device’s maximum system volume.

Also, it is the perfect solution for those who crave a louder audio experience while listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and more.

Why Choose EZ Booster?

1. Increase all Volumes

EZ Booster boosts all volumes, including music, movies, audiobooks, alarms, and ringtones. Say goodbye to straining to hear your favorite tunes or missing important alerts – EZ Booster ensures every sound is crystal clear.

2. Boost without Compromising Quality

Worried about sacrificing sound quality for volume? EZ Booster eliminates that concern. It boosts the mobile volume without compromising the clarity and richness of the audio, providing an enhanced and immersive experience.

3. One-Touch Volume Control

Adjusting the volume is a breeze with the EZ Booster. A single touch allows you to set the volume to your desired level, making it convenient and hassle-free.

4. Stereo Surround Sound Effect

Experience audio like never before with the stereo surround sound effect offered by EZ Booster. Dive into a world of rich and captivating sound that surrounds you from every direction.

5. Music Spectrum

Watch the music spectrum change dynamically with the melody, adding a visual element to your audio experience. See the beats and rhythms come to life as you enjoy your favorite songs.

6. Background/lock screen Support

Don’t let the booster disrupt your multitasking. EZ Booster seamlessly runs in the background and supports use on the lock screen, ensuring you can enjoy amplified audio while navigating through other tasks.

7. Widget and Notification Bar Controls

Access quick controls with ease through home screen widgets and notification bar controls. Adjust the volume or turn the booster on/off without the need to open the app, providing ultimate convenience.

8. No Root Required

Enjoy the benefits of EZ Booster without the need for rooting your device. It’s a hassle-free solution to amplify your audio without compromising your device’s security.

Extra Volume Booster & Speaker Enhancement

EZ Booster takes your audio experience a step further by providing additional features:

1. Boost System Volume

Amplify alarms, ringtones, and other system sounds to ensure you never miss an important notification.

2. Boost Media Volume

Enhance the volume of videos, music, games, and audiobooks for an immersive multimedia experience.

3. External Speaker, Headphones, and Bluetooth

EZ Booster supports boosting the volume for external speakers, headphones, and Bluetooth devices, giving you control over various audio outputs.

Built-in Music Player Controls

EZ Booster not only boosts your volume but also enhances your music player experience:

1. Display the Music Cover, Song Title, and Artist

Enjoy a visually appealing music experience with displayed covers, song titles, and artist information.

2. Play/Pause and Song Navigation

Take control of your music with built-in controls to play/pause songs and switch to the next/previous track without leaving the app.

User-Friendly Operation

EZ Booster is designed with the user in mind:

1. Simple & Intuitive Interface

Crafted by a top professional development team, the interface is simple and intuitive, ensuring a seamless user experience.

2. 8 Sound Modes

Choose from 8 sound modes to set the volume to your desired level with just one tap, catering to different preferences and environments.

3. Home Screen Widgets & Notification Bar Controls

Access quick volume adjustments and booster toggles directly from your home screen or notification bar, making operation effortless.

Supercharge Your Sound: Boost Volume by 200% with EZ Booster Now!

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Unleash MAXIMUM volume! Boost your phone’s sound with EZ Booster – Your portable speaker solution. Download FREE now!

Disclaimer: Your Safety First

While EZ Booster promises to elevate your audio experience, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety:

  • Gradual Volume Increase: Excessive volume may harm your eardrums and device. Gradually increase the volume and take breaks to relax your ears between uses.
  • Use at Your Own Risk: By installing EZ Booster, you agree to release its developers from responsibility for potential harm to your device or hearing. Use the app at your own risk.

IndShorts Voice

If you’ve been searching for a way to amplify your phone’s audio to the next level, look no further than EZ Booster.

Download it for FREE now and transform your phone into a portable speaker! Enjoy boosted volume across all devices and immerse yourself in a richer, more vibrant audio experience. Remember, use it responsibly, and let the sound enhancement begin!

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