Vault: Keep Your Personal and Financial Information Safe

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Vault: Keep Your Personal and Financial Information Safe

Compass Vault: Your Private Digital Safe

App Size2MB
RoleVault App » IND Shorts
Nowadays Installs5K+
Released onDec 11, 2019
Offered ByJeilleeiJoubM

Compass Lock is a Gallery vault app, this app can secretly Hide Photos, Videos, and Media files.

No one can know that you installed the gallery vault app on your phone because This app will look like the Compass app which is used to show directions Only you can know and use this app for locking and Hide your files.

Your hidden files will be safely saved in this app and will be only accessed by a secret Pincode that was set by you.

Vault: The Secure App for Storing Your Secrets

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policy

Hide Photos, Videos, Music, Notes, and Media files.

Core Features:

  • Hide Photos, Videos
  • Hide Music files
  • Create/Hide Notes
  • Pincode Protection
  • Easily lock and unlock files

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Round Compass Vault Your Safe and Secure Digital Vault

Easy and secure gallery lock app for hiding your private files.

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