Touch Compass: Secure Hide & Access App

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We always recommend the best Play Store Vault apps for protecting mobile secrets. That’s why today we have brought you a good Touch Compass vault application.

Yes, it’s on the Play Store, we recommend it now mainly because it’s only four MBs. So, it doesn’t take up too much space on the phone, which means it gives a light feel and does a lot of work without weighing the phone down.

Note: Not only this Touch Compass wallet application but also some of the already released Android vault applications below, so check that out as well. And we are happy to inform you that you can get the opportunity to directly go to the Google Play Store and install it with clear explanations about it.

Compass vault

How does Touch Compass Vault work?

It’s a simple looking compass application that will show you the right direction when you’re stuck with no direction.

However, the information you provide that no one should know is kept hidden behind the scenes without anyone knowing or suspecting it until the end.

How to use it?

It will have some secret location which you can use either by clearing the location or by the suggestion given by the developer who created it.

It is also worth noting that you can save your photos, videos, audios, notes, files, etc. It also has many more features that you can clearly see while using it.

Play Store Touch Compass Vault App

App WorkCompass VaultHide AppVault App
PublishedPlay Store
Size4MB Only

Is Touch Compass Vault a good app?

You don’t need this doubt! As mentioned in the beginning of the article, we source all the applications from Play Store only. Apart from that we will explore everything like star rating and reviews given by people who have used it.

Not only that, but we will also install it on our mobile and try it, only then we will provide it to you. Mainly this is a policy following application so feel free to use it.

Examples Images For Touch Compass Vault App

  • Protect your photos, videos, and documents with Compass Vault. Easy to use, secure, and accessible with a secret passcode or fingerprint.
  • Safely hide and secure your photos, videos, and files behind a compass app. Access with passcode or fingerprint. Built-in viewers and easy access.
  • Compass Vault: Secure Hideaway for Photos, Videos & More
  • Compass Vault: Secure Hide for Photos, Videos & Files
  • Compass Vault: Secure Media & File Storage
  • Touch Compass Vault IND shorts

How to download compass vault app?

It is best to install this Compass vault application by visiting the Google Play Store and clicking on the Install button on the home page.

Because only then we will get original application, google play store application as we thought. And it’s on Google Play Store since 2019, so there’s a policy-free app out there. So, download the same and take advantage of the opportunity given below. It can be in two ways.

Safely conceal your media in an easy-to-use vault behind a compass app. Unlock with passcode or fingerprint. Protect, share, and access files discreetly.
Compass Vault: Hide & Secure Photo-Videos Safely

The first install is if the discussions discussed in the article have made up your mind, you can directly go to the play store to install from here. Click here to do so.

The second install is a section that combines the feedback given by the developer of the application, after viewing that section you can also go to the Google Play Store from there. Click the green button below to grab that chance, and both are yours.

Let’s talk about the Mobile Compass Vault article

Compass article is an application focused on Google Play Store. Apart from that it can provide security to the user. And you can keep secret photos on your phone for fear of anyone, or some things that only you want to see and enjoy. Or whatever helps you think you can keep secret for a few moments.

What to use this application for?

Everyone may have this doubt, so the answer must be given. Yes, for example lovers take two photos, which cannot be shown at home before the wedding, however after the wedding, they can show it to everyone at home.

Therefore, Touch Compass Vault can help you to hide photos that you think should be hidden only for that short period of time when the wedding takes place.

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