All In One Compass Vault App Download

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The “Compass Vault” app you mentioned appears to be a gallery lock app designed to hide and secure your photos, videos, audio files, and notes behind a password-protected or fingerprint-protected vault. Here are some details and answers to your questions about the app:

Play Store Compass Vault App Download

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleHide AppVault App
Nowadays Installs50,000+
App Size5MB
Offered ByiSwiftAppTechnoLab
App PolicyPrivacy

Features Of Play Store Vault:

  • Hide Files: You can hide photos, videos, audio files, and notes.
  • Security: The vault can be opened with a secret passcode or fingerprint.
  • Unhide Files: You can easily unhide your files.
  • Share Files Without Unhiding: You can share your hidden files without revealing them.
  • Media Players: The app has built-in image, video, and audio players for viewing and playing your hidden media.
  • Status Saver: This feature might allow you to save WhatsApp statuses.


  • Use Fingerprint: This permission is required to unlock the vault using your fingerprint.
  • Read/Write Storage Permission: This permission is used to hide and unhide files to/from storage.

For Android 10 or above devices, due to changes in Google’s API, you may need to grant the app permission to access all files for it to work properly.

All In One Compass Vault App Download


  • How to Open Vault: You can open the vault by tapping and holding on the Compass title at the top.
  • Where Are Files Stored: Your hidden files are stored in your phone’s storage.
  • Data Loss on Uninstallation: The app claims that your data (files) will not be lost when you uninstall it.

The app also provides a warning that if you uninstall the app, reset or format your phone, you should unhide all hidden files first to avoid permanent data loss. Cleaning tools or other apps might affect hidden files, so caution is advised.

The disclaimer mentions that the content and resources in the app are copyright-protected and belong to their respective owners. If you have any issues with the content or resources used in the app, you are encouraged to contact the developer.

Please note that while this app may provide a way to hide and secure your files, it’s essential to use such apps with caution and adhere to applicable laws and regulations in your region.

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