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Your mobile will automatically unlock when you write any letter or name on the mobile display. You can change that character to a unique character, i.e. password. Here you are going to find one such special google play store Signature Lock Screen application.

We have already featured many signature lock screen apps like, all of them are best drawer lock screen apps found by google play store. We have also given them in the middle of this article, if you have time, go through that too.

best Signature Lock Screen app

Now we can clearly see about this Signature Lock Screen ideas app: Generally, we have seen many android lock applications and all of them are good application to lock the mobile securely. In that way, this current draw on lock screen application will be the best.

Our website team took a lot of time and selected this draw pattern look screen app for this, this Signature Lock Screen app is only 7MB, it doesn’t overload your phone and does an efficient job.

With this you can convert the characters you make with your fingers into a password, just write it on the mobile home screen and your mobile will unlock, here we get the opportunity to download this special application.

Note: In addition to this write on lock screen application, it is an application published by Google Play Store following the best policy. So our website team offers a selection of applications from Google Play Store which are the best of all.

All the policies that are published are the policies that are published considering the welfare of the users, this write something on lock screen android application is published following it, so come and see all the information without fear.

how to change and set drawer Lock Screen

Install this write on lock screen android application and when you write some character on your mobile display with this Signature Lock Screen application it will automatically become password for your mobile.

Then you will get a unique pin lock to change that password, that pin can be a four or six digit number and you can change your password by entering that number. That means you can write another letter again and keep it as the word of God.

I am also waiting to answer your question how to write name on lock screen, that is, when you write a name on your mobile display with this application, in whatever format you write that name, that letter becomes a mobile lock screen.

Therefore, it is important to note that when you try to unlock your phone again, you will be forced to write the same character (in the same format) on your mobile display, only then you will be able to unlock the phone.

Important: In this article we have given you a better understanding of this Signature Lock Screen application. And this article might get a bit long, below we have also given the comments made by the cause creator, which you can also check out.

But if you have faith in play store and like us you recommend play store apps then click this section if you want to download the application directly, if not keep scrolling and get all the information.

Details Of Signature Lock Screen App

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleLock Screen
App Size7MB
Nowadays Installs1K+
PublishedJun 4, 2021

This Signature Lock Screen Application helps you protect your privacy, prevent others invade your phone illegally.

Signature Lock Screen app with HD wallpapers is wonderful lock screen app for your smart to secure your phone data using signature password and signature app lock free.

Download free Signature Lock Screen app today and improve the mobile security using this attractive app lock free.

Diverse & Secure way to unlock and lock phone data. If you tired using old pattern locks or simple screen locks, try our brand new and unique Signature Lock Screen App today.

The Signature Lock Screen detects and matches every time the gesture drawn on the lock screen with yours created and saved by you as your phone lock screen password.

Signature Lock Screen application has feature of creating new Signature, change color of Signature, change background theme of Signature and also new Signature can be created if you want to change the old Signature.

More Details Of Draw Lock Screen

Offered ByTribble Advertise
Official Website
Application Policy

Features of draw locks

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Invisible path to Unlock Pattern/lock change every minute.
  • Helps preventing accidental calling.
  • Prevents others from using your device.
  • Superbly rich graphics.
  • Consume less memory and battery, Simple and Clean device.
  • 100% safe and secure
  • 12 hour and 24 hour format both supported
  • Unlock vibration enable/disable
  • Unlock sound enable/disable
  • Highly secure lock screens
  • Choice to set knock position on screen.

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How does Signature Lock Screen app work?

As for this Signature Lock Screen application, a lockscreen application, we have said it in an excellent manner in the above related discussions.

Simply put though, you can turn your phone’s finger print into a mobile password, which you can use as a key to unlock your phone. Viewers will also think differently, that this is a unique home lockscreen.

Does the signature Lock Screen app download how?

To download drawing lock screen app you can directly go to play store, you will get the way there through our guide, use it to go to its home page and download it. More and more people have started using this new write on lock screen application.

And some different lock apps

IndShorts Android Signature Lock Screen

Let’s talk about the write something on lock screen app!

As far as this application is concerned, it is a Signature Lock Screen application that can be locked on our mobile.

It is further enhanced by the fact that when you write a letter or the name of your favorite person with your fingers in a unique way, it becomes a password.

In addition, it is recommended by Google Play Store, so you can use it without any fear. So we are happy to provide you information about this.

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