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There are many things that can be done to lock the mobile phone, but it is in everyone’s mind that it should be locked with the best method that no one can guess.

In this website article we are going to reveal one of the best secrets of this subject, you can lock your phone with specific colors that no one uses.

You can lock your phone with some colors, you can personalize your mobile with some toys, this website article is a great opportunity to do all such things.

One of the best Knock lock applications found in this article is found and recommended for you by Google Play Store. As always this is an excellent android application that can provide a different experience and we have recommended you through the article.

All the information related to Knock lock app is collected and given below, all this is collected as of the date of publication of this article and it may change in future. Also, how this Knock lock application works and the developer’s comment is attached, check it out.

Please note: All the applications we recommend are found by Google Play Store, and Play Store has the right to continue providing these applications and extend them in the future, which is in the interest of users.

Play Store Details

App Size9MB
RoleLock App
Nowadays Installs5,000+
Offered ByVagmine Soft Team
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policyhttps://vagminesoftteam.blogspot.com/2019/04/your-privacy-is-important-to-vagmine.html

Main Feature of Knock Lock

  • This is a really smart app lock
  • Provide the best security and make your apps safe from others.
  • Take a snapshot of the person who entered the wrong password up to three times.
  • Unlock sound enable/disable.
  • Knock lock app: Create a pattern on knock to secure your phone screen. Also, you can hide that screen. So, None can see guess your pattern while unlocking the lock.
  • Sound: If anyone enters the wrong password so the sound will be playing with that you understand that someone wants to unlock your phone.
  • Forgot password: If you forgot your password then no need to worry. Go forgot the password and got mail to reset that password.
  • User interface: There is a great user interface that you love the most.
  1. You do not need to worry when giving your smartphone to friends and family when the Knock Lock app lock is installed on your phone.
  2. Create a pattern on knock to secure your phone screen.
  3. There are four knocks set in a square pattern

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Square Touch Knock lock IND shorts
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How to use or set a password in the app lock

You may have a more secure lock screen with the application.
You can select between 3-8 to knock the key.
You can specify the location of the field to knock on the lock screen
You can choose to turn off animation.
more secure lock screen with this application

How to use or set a password in app lock!

First of all, open and then enter your knock lock pattern.
Choose the application from the list which you want to make secure or provide an app lock.
For Unlock: You have to tap your pattern on the invisible knock lock screen

How to install?

The opportunity to download this application on mobile is available on the home page, you will get the opportunity to go to the home page of this application on our website article, Downward Passengers.

How does it work?

This Knock lock application helps you to lock your phone with a different method, it can help you to lock with some colors, some toys, emojis.

Square Touch Knock lock
Screen Touch LockAudio Adjust Vault
Stop Error AppChat Open Locker

Let’s talk about it!

We must secure the mobile, today there are many methods to lock it, such as PIN, PIN, and fingerprint. After all, when the phone is locked with a different mechanism, it is very difficult to unlock the phone and anyone who tries it will fail.

One such best Knock lock method is given in this website article, check it out and benefit from it and share it with your friends.

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