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Even though many work are done on mobile nowadays, mobile is created to talk to someone, so he knows your mobile number so that you can talk to him, sometimes when he thinks that our number should not be known to him, they are looking for some Separate Number Voice Calls help.

For example, very famous and rich people try to hide their mobile number and talk through private call, which is considered as their personal preference. However, when common people want to do this without spending money, they may need the help of some Separate Number Voice Calls applications, and using such is their own choice.

However, some website articles recommend using many Private Number Voice Calls applications to do this, but our website article always selects applications from play store where the applications are posted following the best policy and appeals to people.

In that way this Separate Number Voice Calls application is collected from play store and given below, the information related to this application is also waiting for you below so please see and benefit before downloading.

Part for you: If maybe this article seems too long for you, click on this part if you think I have faith in Play Store and I want to install directly.

Play Store Details

App Size49MB
RoleFree Call
Nowadays Installs100,000+
PublishedSep 29, 2022
Offered ByDuo Studio
Official Website
Application Policy

New user LIMITED offers *: Get 500 credits after registration!

Separate Number Voice Calls is a Free International Calling app that offering high quality phone calls locally and abroad.

Use this Wi-Fi phone call app and enjoy global calls with any real phone number without worrying about expensive costs! Call for free and get in touch with people around the world!


  • 100% FREE calls, call to any kind of phone and anyone you want.
  • International calls, easily reach more than 230+ countries.
  • Free credits are hidden in daily tasks, get them are made free calls!
  • 500 credits limited offer for all new users after registration!
  • Internet call allows you to call your friends over WiFi, 3G, 4G, or 5G
  • Server worldwide to ensure the best voice quality.
  • Unlike international calling cards, Duo Voice does not use your cell minutes.

You can call your loved ones without worrying about expensive costs with this phone call app. Download this VOIP Wi-Fi calling app, call free, and enjoy unlimited calls worldwide around any mobile and landline! Call any cell phone, local or overseas today!

Free Calling: Duo Voice (Separate Number Voice Calls) is a 100% FREE call app with no extra charge at all! By doing tasks in the APP, you can get credits easily to make free calls.

International Calling: Duo Voice can reach any mobile or landline number in more than 230+ countries or regions! Use Duo Voice, to make global calls possible.

FREE Credits: There are millions of ways to earn credits in our app, for example, daily check-in, inviting new friends, watching videos, playing wheel games, etc. Just do interesting tasks, earn credits, and make free calls! and new users will get a bonus of +500 credits. Make your first Duo Voice call right now!

Clear & Stable Calling: Duo Voice uses real telephone lines, which means we can guarantee a good crystal clear voice call with high quality. Duo Voice automatically detects and adjusts your connection speed to make sure more stable calls.

Low Rates: Our calling rates are cheaper than most international calling apps. You can see the final cost of each call in the cost history. Also, the balance never expires.

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How to download it?

You will get an option to install when you continue to navigate to the section given in the article, which will take you to the play store section.

How Does Separate Number Voice Calls App Work?

unknown Number Voice Calls

This Separate Number Calls application will give you free phone calls as soon as you install it, so if you talk for free then you can hide your mobile number and talk as if you are contacting by private call or other number, this will help women more.

Note: Duo Voice app Connects you to your international friends and family anywhere. Start your FREE or low-cost calls today. Get this free calling app and enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi calls right now!

Separate Number Voice Calls Free Phone Calls
Global Private IncomingCall Unknown Number
Unknown Call AppSafe Outgoing

Let’s talk about Separate Number Voice Calls!

We thought this article would be helpful if you thought your security tool should hide your mobile number. At the same time, in an attempt to make it the best Separate Number Voice Calls application when Google Play Store did a new search, it was found to be the best application that more than one lakh people can use. Hope this helps and thanks for your patient reading.

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