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In today’s modern world, the need for convenient and efficient document scanning solutions is more prevalent than ever.

Whether it’s capturing receipts, important documents, or memorable photos, having a reliable scanner at your fingertips can make life a whole lot easier.

Enter Any Scanner, a smart scanner app designed to turn your device into a portable PDF scanner with just a single tap.

Plat Store Details Of Scan to PDF App

App WorkScan to PDF
OfferedSimple Design Ltd.
Nowadays Downloads10,000,000+ (428K reviews)
PublishedGoogle Play
Released onDec 25, 2020

Convert All Kinds of Documents to PDFs

With Any Scanner, you can effortlessly scan and convert a variety of documents into PDF format with a simple tap.

From receipts and invoices to notes, business cards, and even whiteboards, Any Scanner has you covered.

The PDF Scanner app’s intuitive interface, that’s makes the process quick and easy, allowing you to digitize your documents on the go.

Easily Share Scanned Files

Once you’ve scanned your documents, Any Scanner makes it convenient to share them with others.

Whether you prefer to email them directly to a friend or colleague or post them on social media, Any Scanner gives you the flexibility to share your scanned files in PDF or JPEG formats with ease.

Plus, you can save and view your scanned files anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for both personal and professional use.

Professional Quality Scan Results

Say goodbye to blurry or poorly scanned documents. Any Scanner utilizes precise border detection, smart cropping, and auto-enhancing features to ensure that your PDF outputs are clear, sharp, and high-resolution.

With multiple filter options available, including photo, document, clear, color, and black & white, you can further optimize your scan results to suit your preferences.

Extract Texts from Images Accurately

Thanks to its integrated OCR (optical character recognition) technology, Any Scanner can accurately recognize and extract text from papers and images.

You can easily edit, copy, search, and share the text from your scanned documents for free. So, this makes it a valuable tool for digitizing text-heavy documents.

Add E-Signatures and Security Watermarks

With Any Scanner, you can add electronic signatures to your scan results, allowing you to sign PDFs before sending or printing them.

Additionally, you have the option to add security watermarks to protect your files. So, ensure that your documents remain secure and confidential.

Search Files Quickly and Manage Efficiently

Finding your scanned documents is a breeze with Any Scanner’s quick search feature. Enter keywords to locate your files among multiple category folders quickly.

Plus, with its robust file management tools including the ability to create subfolders, add notes, and edit document layouts, you can keep your documents organized and easily accessible.

Any Scanner Can Be Used in Almost Any Case

Whether you’re scanning receipts, contracts, business cards, or travel brochures, Any Scanner is up to the task.

With its versatile functionality, any Scanner can handle a wide range of documents and images, making it the perfect companion for both personal and professional use.

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Unlock the Power of Any Scanner App: Scan & Share Documents Instantly!

Scan to PDF

Transform your phone into a Scan to PDF app! Convert docs instantly. Try Any Scanner now!

Download Any Scanner Today

Ready to experience the convenience of Any Scanner for yourself? Download the Scan to PDF app today and enjoy all of its amazing features for free!

Say goodbye to bulky scanners and tedious scanning processes – with Any Scanner, you can easily digitize your documents, anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait – transform your device into a portable scanner today with Any Scanner!

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