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Nowadays we store all our important photos, videos etc. in mobile. If important photos, videos, etc. that can be stored in this way are deleted by mistake, our mind will be very upset. Because our old memories always teach us sweet experience and laugh to forget sadness.

It is the mobile that can carry such memories and most of the photos and videos are taken through the cameras in the mobiles. The photograph that we carry with our loved ones wherever we go will be our last memory and it will remind us of the sweet experience and the moments that can bring us youth in our old age.

Therefore, how great a loss shall we consider it if such memories perish. This website article provides a Recover Complete Delete File option that can recover even the accidentally deleted photos. Take advantage of that opportunity clearly, it is an application published following the policy by Google Play Store.

Note: So, we have given below with the information collected from there, check them out and benefit, this is completely free application.

Play Store Recover App Details

App Size9MB
RoleRecover App
Nowadays Installs10,000+
PublishedSep 29, 2020
Offered ByFMA Center
Official Website
Application Policy
Address1701 Senate St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA

Recover Complete Delete File: Say No to Leaked Photos. Say No to Leaked Videos. Say No to Leaked Data. Install Secure Wipeout.

Secure Wipe out helps you delete your data with a military-graded file shredder which ensures that the data is not recoverable. Now you can securely delete your photos and videos before selling your phone.

Shredding is the only digitally possible method to permanently delete data from a device. Traditional data-removing methods like deleting, formatting, and flashing will not entirely remove the data from a device, instead, they will just hide this data and make it inaccessible. But these hidden data can be accessed by anyone using data recovery software.

Note: Data erased by Secure Wipeout is permanently deleted and not recoverable by any means.

Highlighted Features:

  • Certified deletion algorithms
  • Securely overwrite the free space (internal memory & SD card)
  • Securely Erase files & folders
  • Secure Deletion of the whole SD card
  • Securely Erase photos, gallery, facial recognition, etc.
  • Securely wipe all contacts or a single contact, clipboard, etc.
  • File Explorer integration
  • Secure cleaning of temporary data & cache
  • Password Protection

Data Shredding Algorithms: Secure Wipeout is using Data Shredding Algorithms which are invented through decades of research and are purely made for unrecoverable data deletion.

Below is the list of those algorithms (We do not claim to invent these algorithms, we are only using these algorithms in Secure Wipeout for you)

  • British HMG IS5 (3 passes)
  • US DoD 5220.22 (3 passes)
  • German VSITR (7 pass)
  • Russian GOST P50739 (2 pass)
  • NIST 800-88 (2 passes)
  • Zero Filler
  • One Filler (Secure Erase)
  • Random Filler (Pseudo Random Numbers)

Note: Please note that we do not use or collect any of your personal information directly, however, the app does use third-party services that may collect information and Our services are not available in China. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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How to install this Recover Complete Delete File app?

The possibility to install this application is available through play store, the only way to get there is suggested in our website article. Because when you go there and install it you will get the best original application and timely update.

How does Recover Complete Deleted File App work?

This application is used to recover deleted photos and videos from your phone and delete unnecessary files. This increases the performance of your phone and more useful work is done.

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Let’s talk about it!

Such applications are helpful to recover photos, videos stored in our mobile when they are accidentally deleted, when our mobile store is full of unnecessary documents (same document twice), use it. Also note that this is a play store application, recommend it to your friends.

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