Jarvis: Epic Launcher

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Jarvis Epic Launcher

Launcher App Play Store Details

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleLancher
App Size17MB
Nowadays Installs15K+
PublishedMay 31, 2023

Are you looking for stylish android themes with technology wallpaper? Are you a fan of jarvis screen and looking for a 3d launcher for android? Do you want to download home launcher themes with hi tech wallpapers? Are you searching for futuristic transformers to get beautiful & sophisticated interface for your home screen?

If the answer is yes, then look no further than Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher!! It is one of the best 3d home launcher themes that give you a beautiful & sophisticated interface with hi tech wallpapers and technology themes. Get an easy to use interface with a better interactive control experience.

Brief Introduction to the Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher

First of all, we warmly welcome all users of Android devices to the futuristic smooth launcher that comes with an easy-to-customize technology theme.

Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher gives easy to use interface along with wonderful and futuristic features which enhance your phone with different styles. It is one of the cool themes for android so, if you are searching for stylish android themes emerging technology wallpaper then you should try it out!

Enter the futuristic world Enjoy the magic launcher and smooth launcher with futuristic theme. It is a private launcher and 3d home launcher for your home screen. Get a beautiful & sophisticated interface with our hi tech wallpapers and 3d theme launcher

With Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher, you search your contacts and dial numbers like a real hacker. Change your mobile look and convert it to the Jarvis screen. It is the best 3d launcher for android devices that gives fictional feelings to mobile phones.

How to use Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher

Download the 3d theme launcher, magic launcher. Open it and set it as a default home launcher themes. Get a beautiful & sophisticated interface of the Jarvis screen. Enjoy it as the most private launcher to impress your friends!

Key Features of the Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher

Enter the futuristic world Transform your device into a futuristic worldland Hide apps, lock apps, and get easy to use interface Convert your simple UI into a beautiful & sophisticated interface Personalize your android mobile and tablet with emerging technology wallpaper Keep everything private, enjoy it as a private launcher, and do things that real hackers do!

It is a smooth launcher that comes with Hide app features that let you hide your personal apps The app locker feature of this 3d theme launcher ensures that your personal data is safe & secure Enter the futuristic world and customize your device with stylish android themes (100% FREE) The hi-tech wallpaper and Jarvis scifi wallpaper add a hacking touch to your home screen

Enjoy the 3d home launcher (3d launcher for android) with a new feature named ‘Smart Folders’ Smart folders let you group and sort your apps by categories – Easily find any app you need!

Offered Byhelp.appmania@gmail.com
Official Websitehttps://theappmania.com/
Application Policyhttps://theappmania.com/privacypolicy.html
Address203 Bk Solitaire, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Some Extra Features of the Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher

Smooth and super easy to use interface Read the news every day through our News Feed Customize the Jarvis epic launcher with cool themes for android Use smart folders to easily find any app you need at the right time A smooth launcher with smooth icon animations and icon pack for many apps Power efficiency, Weather, RAM, and CPU usage monitoring along with network monitoring

IMP – Accessibility API Requirements for Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher: You must enable the accessibility service for Jarvis to perform global actions including; Opening Notifications Taking Screenshots Double Tap to Lock the Screen.

Jarvis: Epic Launcher

Please Note: Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher will not collect any type of personal or device information. So, rest assured, you are in 100% safe hands!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher now. Apply the emerging technology theme to convert your mobile into a Jarvis and beautiful & sophisticated interface.

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