Old Phone Nokia Launcher

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There is a timeless quality in everyone despite buying and using the most popular mobile phones these days. No one can forget the Nokia mobile used in those days.

You can still get that Nokia experience that gave you such a great experience, and you will get these special features in the most expensive phone you are currently using.

In this article you are going to get information and help regarding Old Phone Nokia Launcher from where you can get all the old experience from your phone. We are going to provide you this application with so many features through Play Store.

Note: Old Phone Nokia Launcher aap photos are all given below as above ideas created, see this and use this Nokia Launcher which will give you old memories and experiences.

Important: Apart from that Playstore will provide you with good update and better service in future, maybe this application is not working well but know that Playstore will delete it automatically, please see detailed explanation below.

Play Store Details

App Size2MB
RoleNokia Launcher
Nowadays Installs500,000+
Offered ByVăn Ưởng
Official Websitehttps://o4b63847.app-ads-txt.com/
Application Policyhttps://www.facebook.com/gau.nam.motor
AddressĐại Hưng, Khoái Châu, Hưng Yên , Việt Nam
User manual linhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXc7A-Ik9xo

App for users to re-feel the user interface of old Nokia

Change the default launcher if you want to go back to the default one. please follow the steps: Menu -> Options -> Change Launcher and select the default device booter

Press and hold * turn on the clock to read the time. Press and hold 0 to turn on the flash
Touch and hold a number 1-9 on the keyboard to quickly open the application.

Go to “Options”

  • -> Set phone name
  • -> Manage hidden apps
  • -> Change the default launcher if you want to go back to the default one
  • -> Change wallpaper
  • -> Assign quick keys to open apps.

Nokia Launcher Android App 2 IND shorts
Play Store Photos
New Nokia Launcher Android App IND shorts
Play Store Photos
Mobile Nokia Launcher Android App IND shorts
Play Store Photos
Android Nokia Launcher Android App IND shorts
Play Store Photos
Nokia Launcher Android Apptn IND shorts
Play Store Photos
Nokia Launcher Android App IND shorts
Play Store Photos

How does Old Phone Nokia Launcher work?

This application is powerful enough to bring the experience of your old Nokia mobile to your current Android mobile so that you can have the old experience on your mobile.

How to download it?

The possibility to download this application that can do this job is available through play store, the help to go there is this one green, use it and it will help you.

Nokia Launcher
Quick Arc LauncherInfographic Launcher
Home Letters LauncherEdge Launcher

Let’s talk about it!

We have tried to bring this application to you because this application is an application that brings the old and puts it on your side, whereas it is an Old Phone Launcher application that gives you a tasteful experience to look at and brings the old Nokia mobile experience to the home screen of your mobile.

We have added, it is also up to you to recommend it to use, you can post your comments by keeping in mind that it is recommended by the official website.

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