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People who want to create an identity for themselves often take up social media applications. They want to create a profile on social media and design a beautiful photo for that profile.

But when you think about No Crop Photo like this, some problems arise, those who want to create a social media platform for themselves and have a unique experience (and perform well) face some problems.

This means that there are certain limits for fitting a profile pic, and we often don’t have photos to follow these limits.

Generally, the photos we take can be as long as we like, square or rectangular, and if we ask a question whether we can match the photos (what we like) completely, it is definitely not possible.

This is because every social media site has its own policy, and those sites will only allow photos that follow that policy, so we can face a lot of trouble with our favorite photos.

But instead of that, this article has a great full profile pic app that can change your profile picture to a photo that follows that principle, and what’s more special about this no crop photo editor app is that, as always, this app is available from the Google Play Store.

From there we have collected some information and photos based on the date of publication of this article, by viewing this you can know more highlights.

Even so, more than one million people are using it to date, this application was released on the play store on Jun 19, 2020, and you can know that tens of thousands of people are using it since then.

Important to note: 90% of people in the world believe that only the play store gives us the best apps, even though there are many such as no crop for Instagram, and no crop pic for WhatsApp apps, and the main reason is that play store is a trusted platform.

Its distinguishing feature is that the policy itself is created in the interest of the users, recommending to applications that it is mandatory to follow its policy. And many more things are waiting for our benefit in the play store.

Play Store Details

App Size12MB
RoleNo Crop
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
PublishedJun 19, 2020
Offered ByBG.Studio
Official Website
Application Policy

Square Photo is the simplest no-crop photo editor for Instagram. You can create instant-sized square pictures using the built-in no-crop function if you love the instant square picture style. No more frustration when you have to crop your great full-size photos before posting them on social networks.

Square Pic enables you to post full-sized pics on Instagram without cropping. Square photo in seconds! It gives you everything you need to edit photos, it’s easy to use professional tools and edit fancy photos.

Square Pic Features:

  • Post-full-sized photos on Instagram
  • Square blur & background editor for Instagram
  • Powerful and easy photo editing tools
  • Add background patterns or background colors
  • Add text on photos and captions, resize, color, and style your texts
  • A lot of filters for pictures and photo effects.
  • Funny emoji stickers to make your photo more stylish
  • Select a different photo as your background
  • Amazing and Simple user interface
  • Save your pic in mobile storage
  • Share your Square Pic with any service

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How to download no crop app?

To install this No Crop Photo app, you can directly go to its home page i.e., play store and download it, the path is given in our website article and use it, we think that will be the best advice (and best solution).

How does no crop photo editor work?

It creates a beautiful profile picture for your social media sites without cropping and you can fit it as is. It also has additional features, and it is worth noting that you can use it to make your profile picture in beautiful shape (enhanced) as well.

Square Photo, No Crop Photo
Locker for WhatsAppNO BLUE TICKS
WhatsApp StatusNo WhatsApp Call

Let’s talk about No Crop Photo App!

In general, everyone has a mobile phone, so everyone has social media accounts, and it is considered necessary to attach a photo to those accounts, this can be called WhatsApp dp, profile picture, Instagram profile picture.

A suitable profile picture on social media platforms is important these days, so we are very happy and proud to be selected as the best No Crop Photo application by more than a million people, giving us an opportunity to fully customize those photos to our needs.

Use it to replicate the photos you need for your social offs in a great way, we wish you the best.

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