100GB Cloud Storage: Drive Backup

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The main reason why the performance of the mobile phone that we pay a lot of money for, and gets wasted quickly is its storage capacity, which is very important to avoid.

So, whenever you keep your mobile store empty your mobile speed, performance and performance will be unimaginably faster.

If you want to receive this continuously, you can save photos, videos, etc. which can be considered as your important documents with a free Cloud Storage App.

There are many free storage applications for this purpose, all of which are ranked highly in the Google Play Store. From there we have already taken and recommended many applications, which you can also see in our website article.

So now we have come across a great Cloud Storage appl, and we have started this article to recommend it to you.

Note: The information, photos related to Cloud Storage application that you want to see in this article are all details collected as of the date of publication of this article, there may be some changes in the future.

Also, this application is released from the google play store after following the policy, that policy is made in our interest, so see the full information download and use it, recommend it to your friends, and come and travel to the information.

Play Store Details

App Size15MB
RoleFree Storage
Nowadays Installs10,000+
PublishedDec 12, 2022
Offered ByBlue Bells Apps
Official Websitehttp://bluebellsapps.com/
Application Policyhttps://sites.google.com/view/backupapp-privacypolicy/home
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App.
  • Cloud storage: Drive backup is an incredible cloud backup app.
  • Secure Cloud Storage that facilitates users to get the cloud drive of all kinds of files.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App.
  • Such as videos, images, audio files, documents, apps, music call logs, contacts, etc. with free storage. Cloud backup and restore all files.

More Features:

  • Secure cloud storage for your phone to get a cloud backup of all data.
  • An automatic photo backup from your phone to avoid any loss with our cloud app.
  • Free storage of 100GB and extend up to 2T drive cloud, in cloud storage space app.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud Drive App.
  • Extra space storage to restore your mobile data.
  • Get back from cloud storage to phone memory with a single click.
  • With the storage app, cloud backup and restore all files.
  • The cloud drive for photo storage, video storage & cloud recordings.
  • Using a cloud app, extra storage space to back up & photos, videos, etc.
  • A marvelous Storage app & file manager to rename, delete and move files.
  • Auto cloud backup content collection of files by their type in a cloud drive.
  • Drive Backup- Cloud storage offers free cloud storage space.
  • A proficient cloud app with the least battery consumption.
  • Share files with enhanced security (password protected) & more secure cloud storage.
  • Substantial in the cloud space, you can access prominent files in cloud drive storage.

A cloud storage space offers the user free storage of 100GB and extends it up to 2Tb on your phone with password protection to secure your data and prevent free photo storage apps from unauthorized access.

So, drop your file in the cloud photo storage app and enjoy its alluring features and cloud backup and restore all files. In addition, you can have secure cloud storage with a password so that your vital data is completely secure and safe from any unknown sources.

Acquire extra storage space storage; contact backup, cloud video storage, photo backup, all files & cloud backup. With a convenient cloud drive storage assistant users can easily create free storage to recover photos, videos, and all other data.

An outstanding cloud drive storage app enables you to get cloud space & restore data from the cloud and share it with friends and family members anytime anywhere without any hindrance. Online backup Cloud app works seamlessly without any delay.

Now create a shared folder & with another user of this cloud drive storage app and add a file of any format together also get cloud photo storage, and cloud video of any type through cloud backup. Free storage app has an exquisite feature of detecting your photo with your camera also can add some files so that your drive cloud is always up to date.

Furthermore, with cloud photo storage you can get more storage and free storage for important documents and share them with groups, colleagues, and any other relevant person. Free photo storage & video storage is expeditiously designed to give the user the ultimate cloud space to online backup data of all type and any format. The process of uploading files is very simple and hassle-free, just log in and get extra space storage.

Drive Backup: Cloud storage is an amazing file explorer where you can immediately list or search files without any obstruction. You can get online backup, and cloud video in the cloud recording application to personalize user experience.

The free photo storage & cloud app is designed with a user-oriented interface that makes it easier to use and offers 100 GB more storage free.

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100GB Cloud Storage Play Store App IND shorts
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100GB Cloud Storage App IND shorts
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100GB Cloud Storage IND shorts
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How to install it?

Cloud Storage Drive Backup

There is a possibility to install this application in play store, the only way to go there is to suggest you in our website article, follow that way and directly download and use this application.

How does Cloud Storage App work?

It is a cloud storage application where when you open an account you get 100 GB of free cloud storage that you can use to store your documents.

A job is that if your mobile is lost or broken then you can install the same application on another mobile and enter your old account to download all your information, so it is considered very special.

100GB Cloud Storage
Storage 30GB50GB Free Cloud
1TB Free CloudSolve Storage

Let’s talk about Cloud Storage!

There are already a lot of things like this, all of which are being used by a lot of people. Even so, we get some advice from many websites not to upload our important information in it.

That means don’t record important photos and documents, even though some photos and videos that can be taken in our public affairs can provide our future delicious experiences, so if you think you need to record them, you can record them.

However, we inform you that with google drive you get up to fifteen GB for free and you can register for that too.

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