Volume 200: Bass Booster Equalizer, 3D Virtualizer

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Boost Your Music Experience: Enhance your music and video sound quality with the Bass Booster Equalizer App on the Play Store. Features include volume booster, customizable equalizer presets, bass amplifier, and more. Compatible with most Android music and video players. Download now for superior sound!

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We got an experience like never before with this bass booster equalizer application. Yes, we initially searched for this application with the intention that our mobile phone is low and we can increase it.

Also, we were happy to get the application from the Play Store. This is because Play Store only publishes good applications with the main focus on everyone’s safety.

In that way, once we installed this bass booster equalizer application, we got two different opportunities. First of all, this application has many different volume boosters available and we are also given advice.

More importantly, we were forced to install the music player separately. It’s the best music player we’ve ever picked and combined with the bass booster equalizer we’ve installed, we’re really impressed with all the magic this volume booster application has done.

True, it has a lot of settings, all of which you can experience emotionally only when you install and use this application, rather than what we are asking you to tell us in this article.

So, we have clearly listed all the opportunities below, after reading and understanding, downloading, and using the application, post your feedback in the comment box, and let’s travel towards the telling information.

Official SiteGoogle Play Store
App Size8MB Only
Offered ByMobile_V5
Released onMar 11, 2022
Last update based on article publicationApr 25, 2024
Privacy PolicyVisit
Developer Gmailmobilev5.dev@gmail.com

What Does the Bass Booster Equalizer App Do?

The Play Store Best Bass Booster Equalizer App is designed to enhance the sound quality of your music and videos. Here are the main features you can enjoy:

Volume Booster & Sound Enhancer

  • Super Volume Amplifier: Boost your volume up to 200%.
  • Quick Volume Adjustment: Easily set the volume to 40%, 60%, 80%, or the maximum level.
  • Increase Volume for All Media: This includes music, videos, audiobooks, games, ringtones, and alarms.

Powerful Equalizer & Sound Effects

  • Equalizer Bands: Choose between a 5-band equalizer or a 10-band for Android 10+.
  • Customizable Presets: Adjust the equalizer to your liking and save it as a preset.
  • 20+ Presets Available: Options like Normal, Heavy, Rock, Dance, Flat, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Folk, R&B, and more.

Bass Booster & 3D Virtualizer

  • 3D Virtualizer Effect: Enjoy a stereo surround sound effect.
  • Music Bass Amplifier: Boost or amplify the bass to your desired level.

Key Features

The Bass Booster Equalizer App is packed with features that make it stand out:

  • Media Volume Control: Manage your media volume with ease.
  • Compatibility: Works with popular music players.
  • Visualizer & Music Spectrum: Enjoy a beautiful visual display of your music.
  • Edge Lighting Effect: Cool lighting effects to enhance your experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Beautiful and simple design for easy use.
  • Notification Control: Manage your music from your notification bar.
  • Integrated Music Controls: Play, pause, next, and previous song controls.
  • Homescreen Widgets: Available in different sizes (1×1, 4×1, 2×2) for quick access.
  • Volume Booster Pro: Perfect for headphones, external speakers, and Bluetooth devices.
  • Save Customized Settings: Save multiple equalizer settings for different music styles.
  • No Root Required: Easy to use without needing to root your device.

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Boost your music with Bass Booster Equalizer! Amplify volume, enhance bass, and enjoy stunning sound effects. Download now for the ultimate audio experience!

We appreciate you patiently traveling this far in the article and hope you understand all the information clearly.

Leave your comment below about this bass booster equalizer application, the comment box is waiting for you.

Perhaps you are a little curious to know what kind of policy the Play Store follows when it comes to hosting applications on its website, follow this section.

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