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In this website article you are going to see a Style Music Player that can replicate the experience of listening to music on your mobile in a completely beautiful way. You may have heard the song on any number of music players, but it can be played differently on all of them.

It provides a beautiful listening experience on your phone’s home screen as well, which is completely different and secure. Because it is one of the best applications found by our team through Google Play Store.

All related information, download opportunity, photos etc are available in this article.

At that time, we used Walkman to listen to songs, we used big radios, but now we have become the norm to listen to songs through mobile phones.

Everyone loves the delicious experience of listening to music in a beautiful way on mobile, so this website article gives you the opportunity to reflect it with a beautiful look on your mobile’s home screen while listening to music.

It is important to note: All the information related to this application is collected by Play Store as of the date of publication of this article and given below, there may be any changes in the future, it is important to be aware of it.

This is a must for you: Usually we can see many applications through play store, all of which we can use by asking play store recommendation. They will be applications that follow Play Store policies.

You must know that if any of those applications violate the policy of play store then it will be removed by play store in future. This is a decision taken in the interest of users as 99 percent people trust Play Store.

Play Store Details

App Size19MB
RoleMusic AppStyle App
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered ByAwedea!
Official WebsiteNA
Application Policy

Style Music Player is one of the Most Gorgeous Music players available on Google Play. When it comes to Features, Nyx Music Player provides loads of different types of features for all types of Music Lovers.


  • Beautifully Crafted Design
  • Smooth Transition Animations
  • Smooth Button Animations
  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme
  • Black Theme
  • Accent Color Theme
  • 6 Accent Colors Blue, Red, Violet, Cyan, Pink & Peach
  • 24 Possible Theme Styles

Unique Features

  • Looper – Repeat your favorite part of the song.
  • Nature Sound – Play music in nature’s 432 Hz frequency.
  • Volume Boost – Up to 150%
  • 3D Sound – Surround audio effect
  • Schedule – Schedule your playlist like an alarm
  • Folder – Browse songs through folders


  • Different types of Visualizer Options
  • Reacts in Real-time based on Songs
  • Adjust React Intensity
  • Adjust Frequency Range
  • Adjust Smoothing
  • Adjust the Number of Bars
  • Adjust React Size
  • Adjust React Scale


  • Select your favorite part of the song.
  • Play your favorite part on Loop.
  • Save the Loop for later.
  • Save as many Loops as you want.


  1. Lyrics on the Main Screen
  2. Manual Lyrics Search


  • Built Smooth Equalizer
  • Beautifully Designed Equalizer
  • Smooth Animation
  • Lots of Preset available
  • Create your Custom Preset
  • Adjust Bass & Treble
  • Boost Volume up to 150%

Tag Editor

  • Edit Tags of the Music File
  • Select the suggested Song Information & Art
  • Save the information to the File
  • Keeps your Library Clean and Organized

General Features

  • Include Folders
  • Exclude Folders
  • Manage Tabs

Note: All the features of this app maybe be available to all the users for free, however, this will soon change as soon as we think the App is completely ready.

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How does Style Music Player work?

Style Music Player [BOTTOM MUSIC]

This music player has all kinds of settings to turn up and down the volume to suit your listening experience. Apart from that, it also has the ability to provide beautiful animations on the mobile home screen.

How to install it?

To install this application, you can go to the home page in play store and install it, the option to go to the home page of the application is given in our website article. You will achieve that when traveling fully informed.

Style Music Player
Direct Style ChatStyle Home Quick
Style Volume: RGB & LEDStyle Dialer App

Let’s talk about Style Music Player!

We all love to listen to songs on mobile, so while listening to songs on mobile home screen will give you an opportunity to reflect beautiful animations according to that song and that music.

We recommend this Style Music Player application to you with the intention that you should not miss it. And it’s available through Google’s trusted Play Store website, so feel free to use it and recommend it to your friends.

And we regularly provide great articles like this, if you don’t want to miss it, then join our blog group. Bookmark our website. Thank you for your support.

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