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A lot of things are loaded on mobile, but they are all things that we need. But if we want to choose a thing that we can use often (always need), we have to go through many options first and do many processes.

This can cause overload and pass our time, apart from this, you can fit a few applications and options that you need and use frequently in a small box that floats on your phone.

Here you are going to find the best play store Android Floating Bar application that can help you with that, this information is collected by play store and given below.

You will get the opportunity to download along with the photos, which may contain any changes in the information mentioned.

Note: Applications published through play store must follow the Google Play Store policy of publishing in the interest of users, non-compliant applications will be removed voluntarily, this decision is taken in the interest of users.

Play Store Details

App Size2MB
RoleCustom Bar
Nowadays Installs50,000+
PublishedFeb 3, 2018
Offered ByMONIA Studio
Official Website
Application Policy

How to use this application?

To open Floating Bar: Swipe or touch the view on your screen after turning on the floating bar service.

To close Floating Bar: The floating Bar will collapse when the user touches the outside.

Feature of this app?

We give users 8 tabs. And each tab had one feature:

Tools tab: Give you more shortcut like Screenshot, Turn off the screen, Home, Back, Power, Recent Apps, and on/Off Bluetooth. We have 18 tools to choose from.
Apps tab: The user can access and choose your application shortcut to quickly open.

Weather tab: This tab gives you the weather forecast. You can check the weather in your current location or search in any location. Weather will update at least after 10 min when you show this weather view.
Music tab: If you usually use a music player. This tab needs an access notification service to play music by the current application. Or simply using a default music player when playing.
Contact tab: You can add your favorite contact to call immediately
Website tab: Very simple. Add your favorite link and save it in this tab. you can access this link quickly
Recent app: It will show your history of the recent app you opened and use
Lucky Number: This tab will give you random dice and a random number when you touch it. And may you can earn a pro theme from your luck. This tab is in development.

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Privacy Policy

This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission.

It is necessary and used only for locking the device when you use the feature to turn off the screen. You need to enable Administration before it can be used that feature. To uninstall the app, please open my app and click the “Uninstall” button.

This app uses Accessibility services

We request this permission to:

Receive notifications when you are interacting with an app to make a color auto change and some feature.
Inspect the content of a window you are interacting with. To enable some features like back, recent press, etc.

Benefits Of Android Floating Bar?

An Android floating bar, also known as a floating action button (FAB), can provide several benefits, including:

Quick access to important actions: A floating bar allows users to quickly access important actions, such as creating a new item or initiating a search.

Consistency: A well-designed floating bar can provide a consistent user experience across an Android application.

Space-saving: A floating bar takes up less space on a screen compared to traditional menus, allowing more content to be displayed on the screen.

Improved usability: By providing quick access to important actions, a floating bar can improve the usability of an Android application.

Aesthetically pleasing: A floating bar can add a modern and stylish look to an Android application, making it more visually appealing to users.

What is Android Floating Bar App?

Floating Bar App

An Android Floating Bar app is a mobile application that incorporates a Floating Action Button (FAB) as a design element. This button floats above the content of the application and provides quick access to important features or actions, depending on the app’s design.

Android Floating Bar apps are often designed with Material Design principles and can include other design elements such as navigation drawers, tabs, and cards.

These apps can be used for a variety of purposes, such as productivity tools, social media applications, and e-commerce platforms. The Floating Bar can be customized to include icons, text labels, and animations, and can be positioned in various locations on the screen to best suit the needs of the application.

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Does Android Floating Bar App Work?

This application will create a small floating box on the home screen of your phone, which you can use whenever you need, and keep the things you need in that area.

How to install it?

As always, we have given the option to install this application with a green button in the website article, it is only one way, just follow it and download and use it.

Android Floating Bar App
Animations StylishColor Navigation
Charge Cable AnimationVolume Button Changer

Let’s talk about Android Floating Bar!

This application is always found in the play store, we have already given many such apps in the form of articles very clearly, the opportunity to see it is available in this store and you may have seen it while traveling and use it.

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