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Details Of Notification Bar Customized App Download

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleControl Style
App Size16MB
Nowadays Installs10K+
PublishedSep 20, 2019

Customization of Status Bar Styles or Notification Bar, customize with any choice of attractive color you like and also you can customize it with gradient colors of your choice.

Customized Color Status Bar: The status bar is an all-new status bar changer that sets your Notification Status Bar Background.

now it’s easy to set an amazing status Bar with the best Background.

this is one kind of the best ways to change your simple status into a unique and attractive status bar without any downloading process.

for setting this you have to select your favorite color, GIF, Gradients, or Frames as your status bar.

We have beautiful design pattern frames and GIF images for status bar backgrounds which make it look really attractive.

Extra Details Of Notification Bar Customized App

Offered ByNextGenSolution
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Customized Color Status Bar – Status bar App Features:

  • Customize your Status by frames, colors, and gradient
  • Change your boring status bar into a stylish Status bar.
  • Simple to use application
  • Attractive Frames and also you can select frame background and color
  • 50+ Colorful Status bar Styles
  • 50+ Customize Status bar colors
  • 50+ Elegant Gradients make the status bar attractive
  • Add a GIF to the Status bar to look better and more attractive
  • Multi-color for status bar and status bat styles
  • Easy to change your status bar color
  • Change Statusbar Theme, Personalize Colorful Statusbar, and attractive Statusbars
  • Custom status bar themes
  • Convenient User Interface to use the app.

Customized Color Status Bar Amazing Status

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