Touch Camera: Notch Design Magic – Camera Hole Functions

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In the evolving world of smartphones, the area around the camera cutout has often been underutilized.

However, a revolutionary app has emerged to transform this seemingly useless space into a dynamic shortcut action button, enhancing the overall functionality of your phone.

This article explores the innovative features of this Notch Design Magic app, providing practical examples and translation words for a comprehensive understanding.

Notch Design Magic
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Notch Design Magic On Play Store

App WorkNotch Design Magic
PublishedPlay Store
Released onJun 21, 2023
Size2 MB only

Making the Camera Cutout Work for You:

The app allows users to set independent actions for various touch gestures, including single touch, long touch, double touch, and swiping on both sides of the camera cutout. Let’s delve into the interactive camera hole functions, which are categorized into five main sections:


  1. Take a Screenshot: Easily capture your screen with a simple touch, eliminating the need for a floating button and preserving your device’s physical buttons.
  2. Toggle Camera Flashlight: Instantly transform your phone into a torch by utilizing the camera cutout, ensuring easy access in times of need.
  3. Open Power Button Menu: Access the power button menu conveniently, especially on modern phones where the power button may serve as an assistant button, with the power menu moved to the notifications shade.

2. Access:

  • Minimized Apps Drawer: Utilize a launcher for a selection of apps, presented as horizontally aligned icons next to the camera cutout, providing quick access to your most-used apps from anywhere on your device.
  • Open Camera: Swiftly launch the selfie camera on the go or open a selected app or the recent apps menu with ease.


  • Quick Dial: Initiate a speedy phone call to your favorite contact, make an emergency call, or query USSD codes effortlessly.


  • Toggle Automatic Orientation: Easily switch between automatic screen orientation and manual settings.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Enable or disable the Do Not Disturb mode as needed for uninterrupted phone usage.


  • QR Code Reader: Seamlessly scan QR codes using your device’s camera.
  • Read Product Info: Extract product information using the camera for quick and convenient access.
  • Trigger Automated Tasks: Set up automated tasks or send broadcast events to initiate flows or actions in third-party automation apps.
  • Browse Your Favorite Website: Directly access your preferred website through a touch gesture.


  • Switch Brightness: Adjust screen brightness between two sets of low and high values for optimal visibility indoors and outdoors, or during day and night.
  • Toggle Ringer Mode: Quickly switch between mute, sound, and vibrate modes to suit your environment.


  • Play or Pause Music: Control your music playback, mimicking the functionality of a headset button.
  • Play Next/Previous Audio: Skip to the next track or rewind to the previous one effortlessly.

Accessibility Service API Disclosure:

It’s important to note that this app utilizes the Android Accessibility Service API. This involves the use of system accessibility privileges, specifically the Accessibility Overlay, to create an invisible button around and below the front camera cutout.

This button serves as a shortcut for user-selected tasks. Importantly, no data is collected by this service, ensuring user privacy and security.

In conclusion, this Notch Design Magic app helps users maximize the potential of their smartphone’s camera cutout.

And by categorizing your Android functionality into functionality, accessibility, communications, methods, tools, organization and media, users can tailor their Notch experience to their personal preferences and needs.

With a user-friendly approach and a commitment to privacy, this app is set to redefine how we interact with our devices, making the camera cutout an indispensable feature rather than a mere 

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