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In this website article you can find the opportunity to help you to frame all the screenshots that can be taken on android mobile with mobile png Frame and share with others and save on mobile.

Welcome to the article with interest to see Screenshot Frame app.

Don’t think that the application you see in this article is the only one taken from the Play Store, all the applications on this website are taken from the Play Store.

So we urge each apps to see more information related to it, also we have collected more information and photos of Screenshot Frame application from play store and attached below, see it clearly and download and benefit.

With this, all the screenshots that can be taken on your mobile can be beautifully designed with Mobile Frame.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleScreenshot Frame After Effects
Nowadays Installs1,000+
App SizeVaries with device
Offered ByLogicUI
App PolicyPrivacy
Why Use ThisRequired

NEW: 3D mode allows you to add your screenshot of any size into a 3D phone model, then rotate it to any position you desire.

Posting a screenshot to Instagram Stories? Using screenshots in an important slideshow presentation? Then this is the app for you! Screenshot Framer helps you to add a frame around your screenshots, giving them a professional look.

Unlike other screenshot framing apps, our frames can adapt to your screenshots. No more stretching or cropping. We even offer frames that are optimized for odd-shaped displays like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and support horizontal screenshots.

On top of that, this app supports turning video screenshots into GIFs, while adding a frame to them at the same time!

By default, the background is transparent, but you can change its color. Once you are done, export the image by tapping on the bottom-right toggle. If you have multiple images selected, all of the images will be processed and exported with a frame of the right size.

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How does it work?

Once this application is installed on mobile you can take a screenshot and bring the mobile format around the script before sharing it with others.

That’s called Mobile Screenshot Frame, which you can customize to your heart’s content and share it with others.

What is the benefit of this?

Most of the time a shared screenshot will only cover the display, meaning it will only record and send what’s on the display record only.

But, now this application can take a display screenshot and create a mobile around it to see the whole breast while sending it to many people.

How to install it?

The download option is given in our website article, by following which you can go to the play store and download it.

It is important that you get frequent updates while doing it, because play store google official website will recommend you to delete apps if it is wrong, and also to ensure your safety.

Android Screenshot Framer App Play Store
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We have provided many such applications in our website article, all of which are useful for Android users, and we are pleased to inform you that this one is also included in that list.

So, keep bookmarking our web site to see more such applications and also visit other articles if you have time

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