Voice Talk App: Real-Time Translate – 100+ Languages, 10,000+ Language Combinations

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Talk & Translate is a real-time voice, text, and photo translator in 100+ languages and 10,000+ language combinations.

Whether you need a translator to improve your language learning or an offline traductor for traveling, Talk & Translate is your ideal companion.


Talk & Translate features a vast list of supported languages ensuring that wherever you are, your translator will help you connect to locals.

All of the languages listed below can be paired for a total of over 10,000 language combinations to translate between.

Some of the languages supported include:

  • English (AU, UK, US, IN)
  • French (FR, CA)
  • Spanish (ES, MX)
  • Arabic (EG, SA, UAE)
  • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  • Portuguese (PT, BR)
  • Swahili (KY, TZ)
  • Urdu (IN, PK)
  • …and many more!


Whether by typing, speaking, or snapping a pic with your camera, your handy traductor is always there to help you with a real-time translation.

  • Voice-to-Voice Translator: Speak in your native language and get an instant translation.
  • Text to Voice Translator: Just type in what you want to translate and have it played out.
  • Text-to-Text Translator: Translate entire passages of text instantly.
  • Voice-to-Text Translator: Just speak and get a real-time translation as text.
  • Camera-to-Text Translator: Snap a pic with your camera and get a translation as text.


Don’t waste time going through menus when you just want to translate something. Enjoy a traductor with a practical interface loaded with features.

  • Input: Translate via speech, typing, or pasting any text.
  • Multitask: Translate while working in other apps via the Split View function on tablets.
  • Favorites: Craft yourself a handy set of translations to use at a moment’s notice.
  • Share: Translate words, phrases, or entire conversations and share them via e-mail, SMS, or other sharing apps on your device.
  • Pick a Voice: Select whether the traductor will have a female or male voice.
  • Recent: Come back to a recently used translation and reuse it in seconds.


Upgrade to Talk & Translate Premium with a free 3-day trial and use its translation features to the fullest.

  • Unlimited Voice-to-Voice Translator: Make as many voice-to-voice translations as you wish.
  • Unlimited Camera-to-Text Translator: Ensure limitless use of the camera-to-text translator.
  • Offline Mode: Use your translator anywhere, even when you don’t have internet.
  • Ad-free Experience: Remove all ads and translate without anything taking away your focus.
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Install: Live Talk Translate Your Ultimate Real-Time Translator!

Live Talk Translate Your Ultimate Real-Time Translator

Break language barriers instantly! Translate voice, text, and photos in 100+ languages with Talk & Translate. Download now and start communicating worldwide!

Talk & Translate is a powerful tool for anyone needing instant translations. With its user-friendly interface and extensive language support, it’s perfect for travelers, students, and professionals alike. Try it today and break down language barriers effortlessly!

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