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We welcome you to this section of the website, and although we have written many articles, we are very happy to write this Theft Alarm article that can protect mobile, because it is an opportunity to help everyone a great deal, so we are proud to share this article with you, despite all the information related to this application. We have given it below, and we recommend that you take a moment to read it carefully

After reading all the material, at the end of the article, you will have the opportunity to download the application related photos, go to the Play Store, as well as all the information you see and the comment made by him who created this Theft Alarm app, and it is worth noting that it was taken from the Play Store.

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleAnti Theft Alarm App For Phone
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
App Size8M
Offered ByMobile Topup apps
App PolicyPrivacy
AddressMobile Topup apps
Why Use ThisApp Install Details

Anti-theft security app warns thieves or crooks to don’t touch my phone. Secure your mobile phone from intruders using the anti mobile alert app. Find a lost phone or mobile stolen and set a power alarm to avoid the phone using the amazing crook or thief catcher app. Keep intruders away from your phone security. Don’t touch my phone otherwise, you will be in danger also wrong password alert helps you to catch thief or intruder who tries to enter the wrong password.

The anti-theft alarm app is the best and most secure app for don’t touch and to secure you with intruder alert and burglar at mobile robbery or data stealing. A charging removal alert is the best way to know when the light has is gone or someone remote your phone charger without your permission and this doesn’t remove ve charger app will be activated at charging removal. Anti-theft secure app secures your locked phone and informs you through anti touch motion activity and shows the intruder list who tries to enter the wrong password with a hidden selfie.

More Features

The mobile apps warn others to don’t touch their phone or to enter the wrong password to unlock the phone. Don’t touch screen is a simple app to secure your phone from intruders or burglary while activating the motion detector feature. Do not touch security apps can easily sense movement through power theft apps and secure phones. Motion alarm secures your data from being stolen with a little bit of detection of the phone’s motion. Anti-thief app for Android ringing melody tone or police siren when thief snatches or touch your phone with ringing motion alert app.

Set pocket alarm feature with a motion sensor to inform you of mobile burglary. Anti-thief 2021 app is a security app with a don’t touch phone app and a motility detector app. Anti-Theft alert on wrong password activation with password protection. Motion detector ringing with notification alert when at charger removal or burglary detecting. Feel others don’t try to touch my phone otherwise, you will be dead to rights with anti touch alarm security or thief catcher app.

More Info

Pocket sense alert activated at theft activity or mobile stolen and provides the anti crook app with an attentive ring at dialling the wrong password. Secure your phone and hurry up to turn on or off the ring at the wrong password alert or anti touch mobile alarm. Catch phone snoopers or catch more crooks who try to enter the wrong password or try to touch my phone without my permission. Using the anti alarm app you can catch intruders red-handed using this 2021 intruder alert app. Set security alarm for Android phone to catch burglar mobile thief.

Choose loudly police ring to immediately aware & warn the thief to run away from your mobile phone. Anti-theft security is a hidden eye to catch thieves or intruders using your phone. If you are worried that someone tries to access your phone then try this burglar alarm app as hidden security for you. Battery notification gives ringtone notification at low charging. Don’t allow a burglar to get your phone away from you.

How to install, and use the Anti Theft Alarm app?

  1. You just have to go to Play Store to download the application and you will get the opportunity below.
  2. When installing the application on the mobile you will be asked for permission to work on some special features that protect the mobile, and it is mandatory to allow.
  3. If all goes well, the chances of getting such a special Theft Alarm application below start capturing a photo of the person who stole it from your pocket without your permission, even if someone picks it up while charging your mobile from now on.
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