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We welcome you to this section, we have compiled all the information about the SMS recovery application in this section, and it is true that all this information was taken from the Play Store, and the comment made by the creator of this application is true, so we recommend you to read the information below in full, Everything can be read, downloaded and used.

Official SitePlay Store
Play RoleRecover Deleted Messages & Media App
Nowadays Installs1,000+
App Size3.7M
Offered ByManh Van Nguyen
App PolicyPrivacy
Address6572 Dumfries St. Vancouver, BC, V5P 3B7, Canada
Why Use ThisApp Install Details

SMS recovery is specifically designed to recover all deleted media and messages from your social media apps. This is an advanced WMR app that let you recover all of your deleted messages from social apps and get you notified as someone deletes a message or media. This recover deleted message app lets you recover all media like images, videos, audio, and documents when they are deleted by someone.

How SMS recovery Works

All Messages are by default encrypted on android devices so Recover Deleted Messages & Media App can’t recover them directly. The possible solution is to read those messages from notifications as they receive and immediately create a backup before the sender deletes them. When the Recover Deleted Messages & Media App app detects that any message or media file is deleted, it immediately shows you a notification that this app recover delete messages and recover deleted media.

Deleted Media Recovery

SMS recovery also takes backup media if the sender deletes it, you will immediately receive a notification of media deleted. Media like pictures, videos, gifs, audio, voice notes, stickers, and documents is recovered. You will easily recover all deleted media and again download it to see WhatsSender delete. We recover media through notification by taking backup of media

Deleted Messages Recovery

Now you can easily recover messages that were deleted by your friends on social media apps, and without any information leakage in an easy way. You can see, that there is no restricted privacy in our application and you can easily recover all deleted messages. You can now also retrieve deleted photos and chats. As a message come it takes backup through notification and recovers it.

Recover Deleted Messages App

This SMS recovery – Recover Deleted Messages & Media App gives you an option to select those media apps which media & messages you want to recover. When you add applications you get notified as someone deletes messages & media from those apps. All these things are recovered through coming notifications and then we make a backup of deleted messages that are later used to download them for future use to show you WhatsDelete by your contacts.

Take Deleted Messages Backup

SMS recovery– Recover Deleted Messages & Media App is a sample app to read incoming messages without showing a blue tick. In this app, you can easily read all messages without opening WhatsApp. And when someone deletes the message you already get a backup of those chats and media. Recover deleted messages app recover all of your deleted media like images, videos, audio, and documents. This will automatically take backup as someone deletes media & messages and stores them for later use.

Download Recover Deleted Messages & Media App and stop worrying about deleted messages as we develop a restore app that takes messages backup. Share this Recover deleted messages app with your friends and family so they can easily restore the deleted media & messages.

how to install, and use the SMS recovery app?

  1. To download the SMS recovery application you need to click on the link below and go to the Play Store.
  2. You may ask for some permission during the installation and allow and use it voluntarily.
  3. Now you can get help for SMS recovery.

Disclaimer: You need to Grant Notifications permission to make this delete messages app work properly, This is the only permission this app requires to recover data. The app does not store any kind of personal information with anyone else.

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