Nokia Flip: Android Launcher for Nokia 5300

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Are you a fan of old Nokia phones? Do you miss the classic look and feel of the Nokia 5300? If so, there’s an app just for you! The NOKIA 5300 LAUNCHER will transform your smartphone into a Nokia 5300, bringing back the old Nokia style that so many people loved.

Official App Information

  • Official Site: Play Store
  • Current Installs: 100K+ Downloads
  • App Size: 37MB only
  • Offered By: Color Studios
  • App Policy: Link to Policy
  • Contact Developer:
  • Release Date: November 23, 2022
  • Last Update: October 26, 2023


This app is a fan-made application and is not directly affiliated with Nokia Corporation. It does not have any official connection with Nokia.

Features of the Nokia 5300 Launcher

Classic Nokia Theme

The LAUNCHER FOR NOKIA 5300 THEME brings the classic Nokia 5300 home screen style to your smartphone. It gives your phone a retro look that many people remember and love.

T9 Keypad

One of the coolest features is the T9 NOKIA 5300 KEYPAD. This feature allows you to use a Nokia-style keyboard as on your home screen. You can directly dial numbers just like in the old days with the T9 keypad.

Nokia Home Screen Style

The NOKIA HOME SCREEN STYLE lets you re-experience the user interface of the old Nokia phones. It returns the classic icons and layout, making your phone look like a Nokia 5300.

Hot Key Navigation

With HOT KEY NAVIGATION, you can quickly access important functions:

  • Top: Flashlight
  • Right: Camera
  • Bottom: Contacts
  • Left: Message

Customizable Settings

The launcher offers a SETTING SCREEN WITH MANY OPTIONS. You can customize your wallpaper, phone name, and even choose a Nokia theme for your Android phone.

Easy Switching

You can easily switch back to your default launcher by LONG PRESSING THE END CALL BUTTON.

Install: Launcher for Nokia 5300 App

Launcher for Nokia 5300 App

Transform your smartphone with the Nokia 5300 Launcher! Enjoy a retro Nokia theme, T9 keypad, hot key navigation, and customizable settings. Download now!

This Nokia 5300 Launcher by Color Studios is perfect for those who want to bring back the classic Nokia look and to change look of mobile phone. With over 100,000 downloads, it’s clear that many people uses this wonderful experience. If you love the old Nokia style, give this launcher a try!

For more details, visit the Play Store and download the Nokia 5300 Launcher today. If you have any questions or need support, contact the developer at

Enjoy your trip down memory lane with the Nokia 5300 Launcher!

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