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Details Of Touch Screen Lock App

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleTouch Lock
App Size9MB
Nowadays Installs10K+
PublishedMay 4, 2021

This Touch Screen Lock App is used for lock screen touch when you want. When we are watching a movie at that time if we press the button full screen is locked. No disturbance. With Simple User Interface.

when we put the phone in the Pocket this application works with a proximity sensor and the automatic screen is OFF, we remove the phone then the phone automatically screen is ON. You can lock the unlock screen from the notification window.


  • Screen Touch Lock
  • Pocket Lock

Screen Touch Lock:

ouch lock Notification: Quickly lock or unlock the touch lock from the notification.
Touch lock setting: Floating Lock-unlock Vibration.

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More Details Of Touch Screen Lock Application

Offered ByCillDeMops
Official Website
Application Policy
AddressNo.1 Gowlee Bazar Street, Near Elephant Park, Someshwarpura, Halasuru, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
Touch Screen Lock

Action to Unlock:

  • Finger Tab 2 Times
  • Finger Tab 3 Times
  • Finger Tab 4 Times
  • You can change the floating icon.
  • Floating Icon Size: You can change the floating icon size.
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Pocket Lock
  • Pocket Lock Service: Pocket Service enabled. Pocket Service-disabled

Note: Using proximity sensor if pocket service is enabled then if you put your phone in the pocket it automatically off the screen so unnecessary touch events not happened in the pocket.

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