Nokia Xpress: Get Ready for a Blast from the Past – Nokia Launcher for Android is Here!

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Explore the Nokia Old Phone Launcher, a nostalgic Android app replicating classic Nokia style with vintage themes, hard keys, a web browser, old camera mode, and Snake Game ’97. Compact at 29MB, it’s perfect for reliving the past on modern smartphones. Not affiliated with Nokia Corporation.

App DetailsInformation Provided
Official SitePlay Store
Current Installs100K+ Downloads
Reviews6.08K reviews
App Size29MB (Varies depending on mobile)
Offered ByColor Studios
App PolicyPrivacy policy
Released on Play StoreFebruary 7, 2023
Last UpdateOctober 4, 2023

Are you tired of the same old modern smartphone look and feel? Do you miss the good old days of using a Nokia phone? Prepare to be thrilled – we’re about to spill some super exciting news! Step into the past with the Nokia Old Phone Launcher app, now available on the Play Store, and rediscover the retro charm of Nokia on your smartphone.

What is the Nokia Old Phone Launcher?

Nokia Old Phone Launcher is a popular home screen replacement app that allows you to bring back the nostalgic look and feel of the classic Nokia home screen. Prepare for a serious case of déjà vu with this app, which meticulously recreates the look and feel of your old Nokia phone – we’re talking Same classic theme, same satisfying click of the hard keys, same rush of nostalgia.

Key Features You Won’t Want to Miss

Vintage Nokia Theme: Get the classic Nokia home screen style back on your smartphone with a launcher app that has the Nokia home of the past.

Experience the Classic Nokia Style Hard Keys: Relish the Nokia keypad on your home screen, the traditional keyboard for direct dialing, and saving numbers just like the good old Nokia days.

Web Browser: Browse the internet in the classic Nokia style.

Old Camera Style: Take stunning photos with the square camera and impress your friends.

Long Press End Call to Switch: Switch back to your default launcher with a long press of the End Call button.

Classic Snake Game 97: Experience the retro phone classic Snake ’97, featuring the iconic dot-matrix display and nostalgic monotone sounds.

Nokia Home Screen Style: Enjoy the user interface of the classic Nokia phone.

Customization Options: Customize your screen with options like wallpaper, phone name, and the Nokia theme for Android.

Why You Need a Nokia Old Phone Launcher

The classic Nokia style remains timeless and continues to attract smartphone users, remaining popular even years after its initial release. This style has become synonymous with reliability, thanks to its hardwearing construction, refreshingly simple interface, and the sensuous click of a physical keypad that never goes out of style.Experience the nostalgia of using a classic Nokia phone with the Nokia Launcher, all while enjoying the full benefits of a modern smartphone.

Important Note

Please note that this app is not affiliated directly to the creator of the images/narrations. It is just a fan application, and it has no official connection with Nokia Corporation.

Get It Now!

Get Ready for a Blast from the Past Nokia Launcher for Android is Here!
Get Ready for a Blast from the Past Nokia Launcher for Android is Here! (Image: Play Store)

The Nokia Old Phone Launcher app is available for download on the Play Store, with over 100,000 installs and 6,000 reviews. The app size varies depending on your mobile device, but it’s a mere 29MB, so you don’t have to worry about storage space.

Install the Nokia launcher for the Android Play Store!

nokia launcher for android

Rediscover the classic Nokia experience on your Android with the Nokia Old Phone Launcher: vintage theme, hard keys, Snake ’97, and more!

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