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Custom volume slider panel with modern styles and themes! Get your premium quality, unique, and aesthetic sound control experience.

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Play RoleVolume
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
App Size18MB Only
Offered ByFirehawk
App PolicyPrivacy
Released onFeb 4, 2021
AddressBnei Dan 24 TLV 6226012
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Exclusive, slick volume panel designs
  • Top customization for your slider panel
  • Simple and intuitive app UI
  • Beautiful volume slider design
  • Most of the volume skins are free to use
  • Seamless one-handed operations and smooth controls

Sound Control Themes:

Discover unique volume styles for your phone! Personalize your UI with a custom volume panel. Create your button style, or choose one of our custom volume control skins and trendy themes! Quickly set up and tailored to your needs!

The user-friendly custom volume panel gives you incredible options to personalize your phone! The volume button style app is designed to change your device’s sound control with a new custom volume panel.

Our volume styles app has many different volume slider styles, from vibrant colors to futuristic volume styles.

Aesthetic volume slider styles

Completely customize the volume slider panel on your phone and enjoy many of our original volume styles!

Not only does our custom volume control app have sliders for your sound control, but it also has volume slider styles for alarms and notifications.

Smooth custom panel animations and a modern button-style design will make your phone look stylish.

Personalized volume styles:

Customize the volume slider panel with great colors and designs. Change the volume control panel background color or tweak the dim effect intensity of your custom volume panel.

Switch the position of the custom volume control sliders from right to center and even sync the slider styles panel theme with your phone’s light/dark mode! Our volume button-style app has everything you need to create your perfect look!

Key Features:

  • Unique volume styles
  • Custom volume control themes
  • Change the color of your volume button style
  • Customize Panel duration
  • Personalized custom volume panel themes
  • Change the position of all your volume slider styles.
  • Adjust the panel theme for an ultra-volume experience!
  • Highly customizable slider styles

Enjoy a high-quality custom volume control experience and make your phone’s UI personal. Everything in our volume styles app is user-friendly and quick! Get rid of your boring system control panel with our unique custom sound panel.

Important: The Custom Volume Panel Styles app uses Accessibility services / AccessibilityService API. It uses an accessibility service (AccessibilityService API) to detect the user’s volume button presses and display the user’s chosen custom volume panel accordingly. Please make sure to read the privacy policy.

Choose from our vast collection of skins and styles, and create a beautiful control panel on your phone in a few moments! Our custom volume control app will help you to change your look completely.

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Design your perfect control sound panel for a great user experience. Download this powerful custom volume control app, create your volume button style, and join the ultra volume adventure!

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