Circular Screen Lock: Telephone Lock

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Details Of Circular Screen Lock

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleLock App
App Size10MB
Nowadays Installs10K+
PublishedMay 2, 2019

Rotary Door Screen Lock and Keypad Screen Lock: a classic screen lock to lock and unlock your phone with style using the old classic way of an old phone.

Rotary Lock is the best-looking lock screen designed for all those people who want to have something different and new. If you want to get rid of the conventional boring Screen locks, you can refresh the look of your phone by downloading this free-of-cost application that is Screen Locker.

Rotary Locker is here to give your phone a ravishing look. A very elegant way to unlock the screen which provides date and time information.

Rotary Door Screen Lock is made for people who are much concerned with the high lock security for their phone as it maximizes your lock security. You can enable and disable the Rotary Door Screen Lock from settings.

You first have to set a unique 4-digit pin for your phone. You have to enter at least four digits and set the pin and use it every time you wish to unlock your phone. Keep your data safe and out of reach of other people. No abuse of personnel data is possible with this Screen Locker

Rotary Keypad Locker is compatible with almost every Android device. It’s also tested on various Android devices All the actions can be performed very easily without any confusion.

Reliability is guaranteed by Rotary Screen Locker – Keypad Locker. Rotary Screen Locker – Keypad Locker is specially designed in a way that it will work with all new devices and Android versions.

Extra Details Of Telephone Lock

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Circular Screen Lock App Features:

  • Consume less memory and battery, a simple and clean design.
  • Unlock sound enable/disable.
  • Finest Security
  • Battery Info & Time Date
  • Attractive font style and color scheme for date and time.
  • Decorate your phone – Plenty of high-quality 3D effect lock screen.
  • Various styles – Rotary style, Password Key Pad screen lock
  • Protect your privacy- Set your password to protect your privacy.
  • wipe and enter the password to unlock the screen.
  • On/Off lock screen.
  • On/Off pass code + change password.
  • Cool and smooth Animations.
  • Classic Lock Screen
  • Screen lock security
  • Lock screen number password.
  • Best lock screen app for Android

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