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Details Of Cloud App Download

Published byGoogle Play Store
App RoleFree Storage » IND Shorts
App Size11MB
Nowadays Installs10K+
PublishedJan 17, 2023

Using cloud storage, you can easily store, share, or view photos, videos, and files wherever you want. Data storage is secure; you can upload files without worries.

Back up important files, photos, and videos using cloud storage, so you never lose them. Sharing large files is no more an issue now with cloud storage.

Important documents are now at your fingertips. Access files easily using cloud storage. Take the cloud storage with you anywhere.

My Cloud & in One Storage Space

Keep your files organized and in one place using my cloud. Previewing files is made easy. My cloud offers a large and diverse storage space where you can store anything you want. Afraid of losing files? If yes, then store everything in my cloud and access easily whenever you need it.

Cloud App & File Storage

The cloud app is useful as it stores all the files. You do not need to look here and there when you have the cloud app. The all-in-one storage space is with you. Download the cloud app from the play store and get the ease of access.

Extra Details Of Free Cloud App Download

Offered ByiSwiftAppTechnoLab
Official Website
Application Policy
AddressAbu Dhabi, Dubai

Free Cloud Storage for Android

Good News for all Android users! Cloud storage is available for Android. Get the free cloud storage for Android and make everything easily accessible. The cloud storage for Android is 100% free! You do not need to pay for anything! Just download and use it. Still, Thinking? Get the free cloud storage for Android and make things manageable.

Free Cloud Drive – Video Storage

The Cloud storage has a feature of video storage with which you can store your videos in the cloud drive. Whether it is an official video or a video with friends, everything can be stored in the cloud drive. The video storage feature has made it easy for us to store videos of any size and format. It is time to revive your old memories by watching videos with friends.

Release Storage Space

You can delete unwanted documents and media files from the cloud storage and release storage space. This can free up space in the cloud storage so you can store something else in it.

Data Storage App

The best data storage app is here for you. Use it to store large documents and media files. Data storage app is a blessing in disguise in today’s world so without further delays, download the data storage app from the play store and store data anywhere and anytime. The data storage app gives you the freedom to store a large number of files at a time.

Free Cloud Backup

You can easily backup files stored on the cloud. Cloud backup is required so you don’t lose important files. Make your life easy with cloud backup.

Data Storage App

With the data storage app, you can store any kind of data. The data include files, folders, videos, audio, and images. Don’t be afraid of losing the data when you have the data storage app. Create folders to manage your documents.

Private Cloud Storage

The Cloud storage is private. No one can access your storage and see the files and folders. It is with you. The private cloud storage is only accessible to you. Create a login for your private cloud storage so that only you can access it and see important files and folders.

Features of Cloud Storage and Data Storage

  • Photo storage
  • Video storage
  • Cloud backup
  • File Storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • Upload Files on cloud storage
  • Retrieve Files from anywhere
  • Download Files
  • Delete Files from cloud storage
  • Log in as a guest
  • Login from your Gmail account
  • Update user profile (Pictures, Name)
  • In-app purchases for classic and premium package
PHONE 5GB Cloud Storage My Cloud App

Free Cloud Drive: The cloud drive is free. You do not need to pay and then use it. Download the free cloud drive and store anything you want. The free cloud drive is winning the hearts of many people. The ease of use and intuitive user interface speaks for itself. Get it before it’s too late and organize your files accordingly.

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