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Thank you so much for spending so much of your time in our article and coming up with this part, and we owe you a warm welcome. We know you are eager to lock the chats of your WhatsApp applications, so we have attached below all the information about the recommended Play Store application, and it is worth noting that all this information is from the comments made by the creator of this application, and below you will have the opportunity to download this Chat Locker app, all the information Read it clearly and download and use it.

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Play RoleChat Locker For WhatsApp
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App Size2.3M
Offered ByApp Lock: Chat Locker , Lock Apps
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Why Use ThisApp Install Details

Chat Locker for Whatsapp Messenger Is a Group and Private Chat Locker App It Adds a Password to Your Whatsapp Messages. It Does This by Simply Adding 4 Digit Pin to Enter Any of Your Whatsapp Chats. Our Messagenerlocker Ensures to Safeguard Your Messages from Anyone Using or Browsing Your Phone. Without the Pin, No One Can See Your Private Messages.

No More Looking for Cheats to Whatsapp Now You Can Easily Secure Your Private and Group Whatsapp Conversations and Maintain Their Privacy Using a Passcode.

App Features

  • Free to Use and Has No Limitations.
  • Best for Locking Whatsapp Private & Group Chats
  • Supports Pin and Fingerprint Lock
  • Protects Whatsapp Chats from Unauthorized Access
  • Secure WhatsApp Group or Individual Chats.
  • Single Password for App Lock and Chat Lock
  • Lock Complete Whatsapp Messenger App or Conversations Only
  • Chat Locker Does Not Drain the Phone’s Battery
  • Uses Less Space, & Does Not Share Data

Important Notice

  1. You Should Update WhatsApp Messenger App Before Using WhatsApp Chat Locker, Upgrading WhatsApp Messenger to the Latest Version Will Avoid Any Problems in Chat Locker.
  2. AccessibilityService API: We Use Accessibility Permission to enable the Core Functionality of this App Through Monitoring & Locked Specified Chat on WhatsApp, NOTE: This Permission Does Not Allow Us To Read or Access Your Chats

How to Use

  1. After Installation, WhatsApp Chat Locker Will Ask You to Set a 4 Digit Pin, and Will Ask to Confirm.
  2. App Will Show the Configuration Option to Enable the Required Permissions, Grant It.
  3. Now, Tap on the ‘+’ Icon to Add the Chat You Need to Lock.

How to install, ad use chat locker app?

  1. The opportunity to install the application is given below.
  2. Installing this application on a mobile phone may give you some permissions, which you must voluntarily allow.
  3. Finally you can lock your secret rooms with the special features available in this application.

Disclaimer: Whatsapp Messenger Is Copyright by Whatsapp, Inc. This App Is in No Way Affiliated With, Sponsored, or Endorsed by Whatsapp, Inc. We Are Not Responsible for Any Kind of Re-Usage of Any Media Downloaded by the User.

Important: Chat Locker Prevents Uses from opening locked chats inside the WhatsApp app. however, notifications are not locked for incoming messages. You need to mute the chat manually so that no one sees your message from the notification.

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