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Introducing the Ultimate Spam Call Blocker for WhatsApp - Experience Peace of Mind Now! 

By M Raj             July 28, 2023

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Safeguard Your Privacy

Call Blocker for WhatsApp presents the ultimate solution to put an end to spam, private, unknown, scam, and anonymous calls.

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Block Spam Calls!

Reclaim your peace of mind and say goodbye to spam and scam calls, embracing uninterrupted chats!

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Outstanding Features:

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Call Blocklist:

Instantly block any number, spam, or fraudulent calls with our effective spam call blocker.


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Auto Reject:

Let our app automatically block unwanted calls, saving you trouble.


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Voice or Video:

Customize your preferences and block voice calls, video calls, or both.


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Set Call Block Schedule:

Define specific times to block calls, guaranteeing uninterrupted moments.


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Automating Mode

Effortlessly limit calls to blocklisted numbers with intelligent automation.


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Safelist Protection

Secure your favorite contacts by enabling the whitelist feature.


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Unknown Contact Block

Ensure unknown contacts never disturb your peace.


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Rejected Call Logs

Easily access records of all rejected and blocked numbers.


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Seamless Control

Turn call blocking on or off whenever you desire.


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Simple & Lightweight

Experience the power of call blocking through our user-friendly app.


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Contact Management

Easily find and manage your contacts with hassle-free ease.


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Free Usage

Enjoy unrestricted call blocking without any charges!


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Install Call Blocker For WhatsApp, the ultimate spam call blocker, now and bid farewell to those irritating interruptions once and for all!

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