Notifications pop-up styling on Android is pouring and old style! Over all these years it has always been just a circled image with text next to it.

Dynamic Notch

Dynamic Notch Touch breaks this stereotyped style with many modern stylings for notifications that will refresh your phone's looks and feel!

Dynamic App

Ability to replace system heads up so only the island will be shown!

Camara Notch

Customize notification style to replace the old-style android heads-up notifications with many refreshing and modern styles with animations.

Android Notch

notification effects like borders, glow, shake, and animated edge lighting around the island.

mobile Notch

Showing the dynamic island even while the screen is Off or On and supports the system Always On Display too.

play store Notch

Focus mode to blur the background except for the expanded notification which gives a more modern feeling to the phone.

Dynamic Notch 2023

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